Eco Packs

Available in three volume options: 12L, 30Land 60L.

Custom versions
Custom versions available in any colour – make yours unique to you.
Your company name and special instructions can be embossed or printed on the top or sides.

More information
Add further security features for higher value shipments.
Short delivery lead times and low minimum order quantities.

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One of the toughest passive temperature-controlled shippers available

Designed specifically for easy use by the shipper and the user

Simple to clean and recondition in both civil and military environments 

Robust, ultra-rigid, re-usable and flexible – optimizes investment and reduces environmental footprint

Polypropylene exterior, polyurethane interior – THE materials of choice for ultimate shipper strength

Uses Exam’s unique 100% recyclable Food Grade cool packs

Polyurethane monobloc interior, and not EPS, gives an airtight seal ensuring greater thermal stability

To save space in your warehouse you may stack the Eco Pack even when fully loaded

Eco Pack uses fewer gel packs than the EPS equivalent – invest in moving product, not PCM or gel packs

Easy to implement - no need for time consuming and costly assembly training at the warehouse level

Variable time duration options – optimise your investment and avoid overspending

Interlocking base remains upright and means no slipping or tumbling in the delivery vehicle

The perfect re-usable secure parcel solution

Reference Sort descending Payload Volume (L) Temp. (°C) Duration (H) Int. dims. (mm) Ext. Dims. (mm)
ISOT001240 12 All All 285 x 185 x 240 400 x 300 x 325 Quote
ISOT003040 30 All All 485 x 285 x 240 600 x 400 x 325 Quote
ISOT006040 60 All All 480 x 280 x 425 600 x 400 x 544 Quote