Environment & CSR

Our commitment to people, planet and community 

Repurposing, re-use and corporate social responsibility

At Exam, our unwavering dedication to the environment and society is at the core of our values. We take pride in our continuous commitment to these aspects. Through our active engagement in Ecovadis certification and strict adherence to ISO standards, we continually assess and improve our practices. However, our aspirations go even further as we strive to minimize our ecological footprint. 

A remarkable achievement in our journey is that we now generate more electricity than we consume. This significant accomplishment not only underscores our dedication to sustainable practices but also aids in the reduction of CO2 emissions, contributing positively to the environment. 


Embracing the principles of equality, we proudly identify as an equal opportunity employer. Collaborating with a sheltered workplace exemplifies our determination to extend our positive influence to the communities in which we operate. 


Furthermore, we maintain close collaboration with our customers and suppliers to actively diminish waste and enhance the reusability of our solutions. This collaborative effort emphasizes our commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices throughout our supply chain. 


At Exam, we firmly believe that corporate social responsibility extends beyond our immediate operations. It is a comprehensive commitment that intertwines environmental stewardship and community enrichment. 

Our production methods and techniques

Our commitment to sustainable production drives us to continually enhance our processes, aiming to minimize waste. We’re excited about the potential for advancements in material sciences and fostering collaboration with customers and suppliers. Although our materials are recyclable, we envision material sciences aiding in waste reduction upfront, and partnerships with customers boosting reusability, ultimately cutting down on single-use waste. 


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