Pallet Shippers

200 litres to 2000 litres

Prequalified for 96hrs – 120hrs

Temperature range options
+2°C - + 8°C
+15°C - + 25°C
Dry ice compatible

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Exam Pallet Shippers - trusted by pharma and relied upon by patients

The toughest pallet shipper in its class; used in the most hostile environments around the world.

Class leading thermal performance, durability and levels of product security. Your solution for up to 120 hours transit times and available in a range of fully customisable sizes from 200 to 2000 litres.

Exam pallet shippers have a crush weight of over 4000kgs so they can be stacked, even fully packed, in your warehouse; freeing space for other activity and reducing onward loading times.

The single piece moulding gives an airtight seal ensuring greater thermal stability

A water-resistant, high albedo recyclable outer surface ensures further internal temperature stability.

Single person assembly and handling reduce labour costs and loading times in the warehouse.

Uses fewer gel packs than other pallet shippers so you invest in moving product not, gels or PCM.

Robust monobloque polyurethane construction counters intrusion and tamper risk.

Reference Sort descending Payload Volume (L) Temp. (°C) Duration (H) Int. dims. (mm) Ext. Dims. (mm)
EXAMBOX200060-01 2000 All All 1445 x 1076 x 1290 1565 x 1196 x 1580 Quote
EXAMBOX200060AA-06 2000 All All 1295 x 920 x 1235 1565 x 1196 x 1580 Quote
IBCA020050 193 All All 687 x 487 x 577 810 x 620 x 705 Quote
IBCA029760 298 All All 1060 x 670 x 420 1214 x 815 x 573 Quote
IBCA035045 347 All All 1094 x 692 x 458 1214 x 815 x 573 Quote
IBCA070040 702 All All 1110 x 710 x 890 1200 x 800 x 1000 Quote
IBCA120060 1200 All All 1065 x 860 x 1294 1175 x 985 x 1425 Quote