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Your products are at the heart of everything we do. Exam will discuss your needs with respect to transit times, temperature control requirements, product volumes and the trade lanes you are expecting to use. Building a clear picture of your desired business outcome will enable our team to design the optimal solution to meet your objectives.

You will have the choice of using one or more of the 1500 products from our extensive range or we can design, build, test and certify a solution that is unique to you. Our products are used worldwide by pharmaceuticals companies distributing vital drugs, vaccines and medicines to frequently hazardous locations in all climates.

Exam delivers solutions to clients for the most demanding circumstances. The superior durability and security offered by Exam’s patented polyurethane monobloc construction techniques give you an assured outcome and peace of mind.

Exam products are tested by the military, trusted by world pharma and relied upon by patients.

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