Who we are

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Exam cold-chain solutions

Exam Cold Chain, established in 1986 and located at the heart of Europe, is a genuinely different business operating in the temperature-controlled packaging market and the wider Cold Chain. Exam view everything from a holistic perspective and see every business activity as a part of the wider global Value Chain.

The Exam Mission

The mission of Exam is to be recognised as the leading provider of innovative, variable duration, robust and secure passive Cold Chain solutions to the global marketplace. Exam is dedicated to designing and developing optimised solutions that may be reused, repurposed, remanufactured and recycled

you can rely upon EXAM SPECIALISTS

To achieve desired business outcomes, Exam’s clients are therefore able to draw upon the advice, expertise and experience of teams of qualified designers, chemists, industrial engineers, logisticians, economists and mathematicians to optimize their Cold Chain processes. Exam seek to engage every key stakeholder in the client organisation, to ensure non-competing goals are agreed for projects that fully meet and exceed the most testing commercial and operational objectives.

Operational effectiveness and cost efficiency, combined with regulatory compliance and concern for environmental impact, underpin all of the Company’s activities.

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