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Exam serves the international pharmaceuticals and medical research communities and Aid organisations across the world. If you are looking for either a standard or custom solution for your shipments, Exam is here to help you. You may choose from a wide range of reliable, ultra durable, cost-effective and sustainable shipping options. Using lightweight polyurethane materials and leading edge monobloc construction techniques with industry leading coolants, your desired outcome is assured. And peace of mind guaranteed.

What we do

Exam creates robust temperature controlled packaging solutions that recognize climate, geography, trade lanes and handling requirements for all hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Solutions are simulated then live-tested and qualified to guarantee peace of mind and desired business outcome.

Standard cold chain solutions

Our robust products are trusted worldwide by Humanitarian Aid organisations, Pharmaceutical companies and the wider Life Sciences Industry; distributing and collecting medicines, APIs, clinical samples and other toxic and non-toxic temperature sensitive materials to frequently hazardous locations in all climates.

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