Case study: Eritrea

Eritrea case study


An extremely performant thermal packaging solution to withstand the most challenging environments.

Solution packaging for Eritrea


Exam Packaging’s client MSD Animal Health was looking for a passive solution for shipping rabies vaccines into a hostile and hazardous location in Eritrea. It concerned approximately 80.000 doses of life-saving animal medication. A number of factors complicated the situation:

  • No possibility to retrieve active solution
  • Required duration of up to 10 days at 2-8°C
  • Potential delays at climatically challenging environments
  • No availability of temperature controlled storage in transit
  • No product stability < 0°C


After thoroughly assessing the situation and local challenges, Exam Packaging developed an Extended Range Pallet shipper, based on Exam’s best-selling 1200L monobloc pallet shipper. This shipper was developed to be:

  • Very performant and produced to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions
  • Extremely robust, shock & puncture resistant
  • Water resistant


Exam Packaging’s solution was developed and tested in cooperation with MSD Animal Health, using Exam’s modelling & testing facility in Achêne, Belgium. Thanks to the use of a patented technology to improve the performance of the shipper and the design of a unique packing protocol, both parties were assured about a desired outcome.


Eventually, the shipment only took a bit over 4 days, but the shipper was exposed to outside temperature variations between +4,9°C and +63,6°C.

The temperature inside the shipper remained between +4,0°C and +7,3°C at all times.

The Exam Extended Range Pallet Shipper can offer an alternative for active solutions and offer a solution for shipments to hostile locations with long durations.

This shipper also overcomes the challenges of reverse logistics, as it is recyclable and can easily be repurposed on location.