Gel packs

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Why Exam Gel packs?

A comprehensive range of 600 ml gel packs is available to comply with all conventional or custom temperature requirements. The gelpacks can be bought separately or as part of an integrated cold chain solution. The gelpacks may be used individually or they can be placed into easy to use cardboard outers for quicker and easier handling. Manufactured in high density polyethylene (HDPE) the gelpacks are sealed using a heat welding process which assures performance and durability.

Content is colour-coded for easy recognition, easy preparation and easy handling by your teams in the warehouse and cold room. All gelpacks are 100% recyclable and contain either a non-toxic organic compound in the PCM gelpacks or, an industry first, Food Grade gel.

Exam can help you configure the usage of gelpacks in packaging solutions to reduce waste, optimize your spend and save you time.


Our gel pack range

  • EX Freeze® -25° to -15° C and containing a Food Grade water based gel
  • EX Chill® +2° to +8° C and containing a Food Grade water based gel
  • EX Phase 05® +2° to +8° C and containing an organic PCM
  • EX Phase 18® +15° to +25° C and containing an organic PCM

The Exam high performance 600 ml gel packs range is the most environmentally and socially responsible available.


200 litres to 2000 litres


Prequalified for 96hrs up to 120hrs


From -25° up to +25°C